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Brooks Compton for PUSD

Brooks Compton


For Prescott Unified School District Governing Board

“Trust Through Transparency”


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Brooks Compton

Meet Brooks

Brooks Compton was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and is a lifelong independent entrepreneur. He is a single father with one son, Victor, who is 14 years old. Brooks and his son moved to Prescott, AZ in 2015 for a fresh start and centered their lives around community, faith and family.

After the sale of Brooks’ most recent business venture he semi-retired and decided to focus his time on the enjoyment of raising his son. When COVID hit America Brooks, like most parents, became his son’s full-time teacher. That’s when the wake-up call hit home.

Brooks is an ardent champion of Prescott’s schools, students and their teachers. He has spent many a day on school field trips as a chaperone with his son and his son’s friends. When on the PUSD Governing Board Brooks Compton will continue to support our children and their schools through properly focusing the district’s goals on the core competencies of math, science and writing.



PUSD has lost sight of the fact that they are subordinate to Parents, not the reverse. Parental involvement in their child’s education is paramount to their growth and development.

Trust and accountability between PUSD and families has been lost and must be restored. The PUSD administration must be held accountable for the politicization of our children’s education. COVID relief funds should not have been used for bonuses, salary increases and expanded middle management. Those funds were meant for the benefit and safety of our children. The PUSD has lost sight of the fact that schools were constructed to educate children, not an employment agency for adults.



Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education and growth. For far too long the PUSD has kept parents in the dark. About the only benefit of the past two years has been parents’ ability to see clearly what was being taught to their children. The great parental awakening has occurred and no longer will our rights be stopped at the schoolhouse door. A transparent and accessible curriculum policy should be at the forefront of Prescott’s education system and the PUSD Governing Board. The Governing Board must institute new policies and directives to rid our schools of their current divisive practices that subjugate our students to foreign ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, Social and Emotional Learning and Gender Fluidity. If elected, gone will be the days of girls’ in the boy’s bathroom and boys’ in the girl’s bathrooms. Progressives can test their theories somewhere else.



The PUSD has been a willing participant in the “dumbing down of education”. As a society, graduation rates are up and SAT scores are down. Too many education hours have been spent on theories and progressive ideologies. Prescott schools have become nothing more than a pipeline to poverty.

We must remember our roots and return to educating Prescott’s children with the core competencies of math, science and writing. We must return the recognition of excellence to our schools by reinstating the honors of Salutatorian and Valedictorian. These accomplished students rely on those awards for scholarships and future job opportunities. It is imperative to teach our children to think, not to simply fill their minds with facts. We must help lead our students to success by refocusing on pride in our schools and the promise of a bright future. We are the greatest country in the World.

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